African Book Box operates projects out of Kenya and Tanzania


Book Boxes

Ongoing purchase of Book Boxes - to contain both text books and storybooks of African origin for distribution to rural schools. These local aluminum boxes contain at least 75 books suitable for children from 6-12 years of age. The books, written mainly in English (a required language in the local high schools) and Kiswahili are received by teachers and children with joyful enthusiasm.

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Community Education

Community Eduction, Seminars and Training - The Community Hall constructed by the African Book Box is a multi-purpose meeting place for health education,, seminars, conferences, job fairs, celebrations such as World AIDS Day, skills training, career seminars and appreciation teas for community elders.

Community Outreach

Home Based Care is a health service that is instrumental in identifying vulnerable families and people with health issues.  The home-based-care workers are taught basic first aid, hygiene and how to prevent the spread of HIV.  They work in 16 villages visiting 20 – 30 homes each week.


Children's Village

The Children's Village for orphans and foster children consists of 6 houses, a market garden, a nursery, a kindergarten, a playground and a clinic. Each house can accommodate 12 children with 2 caregivers.  At the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic there were 80 children. The availability of HIV treatment has worked wonders for this community. Villagers are regaining their strength and health and are able to look after their children again. There are presently 48 children in care. This will fluctuate over time. All children enter into the Children's Village under the official guidance of the District Social Welfare Office, the village leaders in the area and trusted community members. Every effort is made to help the family raise the child in the village. The majority of the operating cost for the Children's Village has been provided by the African Children's Book Box Society. 


The subject of AIDS has evolved from taboo to open discussion.  Seminars at the Community Hall, the willingness of affected villagers to openly talk about the disease and the effectiveness of treatment has had a huge impact.  And now that Mufindi villagers know they can treated, they are more willing to be tested.  The life saving CD4 count machine, the accompanying reagents and the lab technician are integral to this success story.  The HIV battle must continue as Mufindi District has one of the highest infection rates in Tanzania

Building Libraries

Three school libraries have been built with one more under construction.  Our goal is to provide more books for these libraries and seminars for the teachers who have responsibility for the libraries.

Income Generating Projects

The market garden, sewing school, basket and rug weaving and raising chickens and cows are important self- sufficiency endeavours that should lead to the goal of sustainability for the Children’s Village and local community.

All of our projects are primarily run by local staff who are familiar with local challenges and customs.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed project information.