Please enjoy our gallery of photos, videos and media that we have created over the years.


Gratitude Report - 10 Years of Service & Partnership (2017)

This document outlines the last 10 years of service and partnership in the community of Mufindi.


Tanzania 2010 Photo Album

This photo album documents the 2010 trip to Tanzania by the African Children's Book Box Society


Tanzania 2009 Part 1 Photo Album

Part 1 of the 2009 trip to Tanzania. Covers the Kase book store, the school in Moshi, the coast and Tanga, arrival back in Igoda, the new librarian, teaching the teachers and Dr Leena's work. but


Tanzania 2009 Part 2 Photo Album

Part 2 of the 2009 trip to Tanzania. Covers a visit with Geoff Knight and the Peace Corps volunteers, the food program in action at Igoda school, a trip through some of the beautiful African scenery and the departure back to Dar es Salaam.


Arumeru 2008

This photo journal documents our 2008 trip to Tanzania in February and March. This first series of slides documents our activities in the Arumeru district near Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro. 


Dar to Mufindi 2008

This photo journal documents our eventful plane trip from the Arumeru district to the capital Dar es Salaam, our doings there and then the 12 hour journey to Mufindi. 


Mufindi  2008 Photo Album

This photo album documents our trips in the Mufindi area: visiting schools, the newly constructed Bibi houses, the clinic, and, on our last glorious day, giving away croc shoes, fleece jackets and knitted toques and dolls from our container to the surrounding village children. 


Igoda School Library 2008 Photo Album

This album documents our progress setting up the Igoda School Library; from empty room to opening ceremony, complete with speeches and chickens.


Her Name Was Alice

This film was made produced edited and uploaded by Georgia Bagnall, 16 years of age, to highlight the plight of women and children in a small community in Tanzania suffering from HIV Aids.


Tanzania 2007 Movie


Earlier Years