Simwache's Story

Far away in Igoda’s tea fields a tall, thin, 12 year old girl was found living under a tarp “house” with 8 relatives.  Her name is Simwache, a word meaning “don’t leave me.”  She was found by Akida, a young man working for the NGO.  Simache came with several of her siblings to live at the yatima (orphanage) where she has been for the past three years.

Simache had never been to school.  She could not read or write.  On her first day of school Simache arrived at Igoda Primary dressed in a new blue skirt, white blouse and green sweater - her first school uniform.  The Head Teacher placed her in a Standard (Grade) 4 classroom.  Yusto Chumi, Igoda’s dedicated librarian hired by the NGO, tutored her after school and during school holidays.  At the end of her first year of school Simache passed her Standard 4 national exams.  Last January she entered Standard 7, her last year of elementary school.  Simache’s tutoring sessions were so successful it was extended to other orphans and vulnerable children at the orphanage.

This lovely hard working girl with a beautiful smile and quiet dignity has begun preform, a preparatory year before entering secondary school a year from now.

Simwache, a girl who carried the weight of her family on her shoulders, now has a chance.  Education has given her hope and the opportunity for a much brighter future!

With love,