The mission of the African Children's Book Box Society is to support a diversity of educational and health initiatives by providing culturally relevant books, furthering innovative educational practices and improving health care within vulnerable communities.

What we do:

  • Book boxes:  Supplying African literature and textbooks for African children

  • Children's Village: Providing housing, sustenance and education for vulnerable children

  • Home-based Care: Supporting grassroots community based healthcare service

  • Income Generating Projects: Basket and mat weaving, sewing

  • HIV/AIDS: Providing funding for reagents and the operational costs for a CD4 machine, a lifesaving diagnostic tool

  • Student Scholarships: Supporting individuals wanting to continue their education

  • Community Education: Funding for education, seminars, conferences and job fairs

  • Building Libraries and Classrooms: Funding mobile book boxes and libraries

  • Local staffing: Employing local staff

What's New?

Dormitory Triumph!  A dormitory for 64 girls is finished at Luhunga Secondary School!  This dormitory provides the girls with a safe home away from home environment while they continue their education.

Harambee is a Swahili word meaning "pull together" and it is in this spirit that we ask you to browse this website which describes with words, pictures the WHAT, WHERE amd WHY of our project.